Other Bands

Howie billede nytPaul

Here is some other Bands I can get to play for you


From the Jam


Big Country

Bad Manners


Geno Washington

Mungo Jerry

Eddie and the Hot Rods

The Rezillos

The Blow Monkeys

Chesney Hawkes

The return of Lez Zeppelin

Secret Affair

Phil Brown and Phil Ryan

Robbie McIntoch

Jim Diamond

Stax of Rhythm

Rusty Egon “Discotect”

Lez Zeppelin

Od Saxon


Zoot Money

The Blues Band (uk)

The Pretty Things

Chris Farlowe

Maggie Bell


I can also get named acts, who are not on my list, just ask to see if I have them…


5 thoughts on “Other Bands

  • Karina Rasmussen

    It´s coming on in a few days Herve… But not in other Bands – you get your own page… it just take a bit of work with the Homepage then you´re in.. We are working hard on it… 😉

  • rickypersell@aol.com

    hi my names ricky ,i am a singer and multi instrumental [gtr piano, sax ]entertainer, i played in the fortunes ,tom jones band the squires, and for a short time [thankfully] the honeyombs i was also offered a gig with troggs but turned it down mustve been mad! i also worked a lot in denmark and done 4 summer seasons in blokhus. in the 90s for bruno benzon who was a danish boxing champ, and he introduced me to kim larson and other danish superstars i also played sometimes with lars lillholt and top double bass player olav gudnerson ,i now float between london and costa del sol doin gigs at golf clubs etc ,i saw your thing with the fortunes on facebook so i thought i would network with you
    all the best ricky persell

  • Karina Rasmussen

    Hi Ricky… Thank you for your message.. I´ll send you a e-mail a bit later.. I a bit busy right now. But thanks for you interest in G-Entertainments.. All the best Howie Gee

  • Michael Neubert

    Great bands in the Stable, but what about the more younger bands, and what about the singer Cinderella B, (not so young) Many smiles from your freind Michael /good weekend to you and Karina

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