The Fourmost



Hvem kan ikke huske The Fourmost, med sange som ”Hello Little Girl” skrevet af Lennon /McCartney – I´m In Love – A Little Loving…

Et band fuld af nostalgi fra 60´erne. De er ”still going strong”, Giver koncerter i hele verden …. Og de elsker  Skandinavien. Lad os høre dem igen … de er fantastiske!


The Fourmost hjemmeside.


The Fourmosts Facebook-side














4 thoughts on “The Fourmost

  • Stan Peters

    I have seen the Fourmost on more than one occasion, quite recently was Butlins in 2013 and yet again, they fail to disappoint. One of the better bands on the 60’s circuit that stick to their authentic roots in looks and sound, good vocal harmonies and stage presence.

  • Harriett Jones-Phillips

    A band that certainly know’s how to entertain, I came across your website on a friends Facebook news feed, so I thought would take a look.

    You really need to bring them over to Denmark as they will storm the place.

  • Gottfried

    Sehr gute Band, die das Publikum mit ihrer breiten Palette an Oldies Liedern unterhalten. Look wird Out für sie mehr oft als über im Vereinigten Königreich zurück.

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